Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 26

Welcome to the wonderful Dividends Pick for today!  And its a pick I'm sure a lot of the wealthier EAvers already have invested in.

Max Reid (e)WINMAX

Not too expensive, but not cheap at 37ea/share.  Dividends are looking good, I see an average Dividend Return of 0.68678 per share!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 24

I'm back, with yet another Delightful Dividends Pick!  Yea, I'm starting to run out of potential picks, so I'll have to go hunting for more 'feeler' investments soon!  Oh, right, the pick:

Steve Paulo (e)SPAULO

Nice predictable, easy to figure out ticker there!  Somewhat expensive at 31.760 eav/share but what stock isn't expensive these days?  I pulled out a calculator app to figure out the average dividend return per share:
avg 0.65683eav / share

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 23

An interesting Dividends pick for you today, are you ready to make some money?

Dj3go (e)DJ3GO

An interesting name, not to mention the avatar!  The dividends, however, have been looking pretty terrific, so a less expensive share price is just an extra little bonus!

Last 10 Dividends:
0.698e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
0.698e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
0.599e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago.
0.698e to Mike Clement about 4 days ago.

As always, they are dividends per share, as I don't always invest a full 400 shares (ok, seldom do i invest a full 400 shares)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 22

Another simply stunning Dividends Pick is what awaits you on this blog today!  Yes, I'm back with plenty of stats to make another great pick, just for you!

Flavio P (e)FLAPIC

Good consistent earnings, and consistently a pretty high dividend return per share:

The per share dividends were:

Last 10 Dividends:
0.748e to Mike Clement about 16 hours ago.
0.848e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
0.888e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
0.798e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Sure, its wayyyy overly simplistic.  But, it still made me laugh for a couple minutes.  And I'll recycle it during boring / stressful conference calls.

No stock pick today =(

No, no stock pick for today, but I will try to post one as early as I can tomorrow.  Maybe I will do 1 Stock pick and 1 Dividends pick, just to make it more interesting!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 19

Yes, I am back, with an all new, 100% pulp free Dividends pick, just for you (and anyone reading over your shoulder)

Nicolas Aguero (e)HNTRCL
Somewhat pricey at 33ea/share but it is balanced out by the fact that he has not sold out yet.  Looks consistent aside from a couple days, and great rewards to come =)

Last 10 Earnings:

9,376.500 to Shareholders about 18 hours ago.
9,476.250 to Shareholders about 1 day ago.
3,990.000 to Shareholders about 2 days ago.
3,291.750 to Shareholders about 3 days ago.
8,778.000 to Shareholders about 4 days ago.
8,478.750 to Shareholders about 5 days ago.
7,581.000 to Shareholders about 6 days ago.
8,877.750 to Shareholders about 7 days ago.
8,179.500 to Shareholders about 8 days ago.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 15

Yes, I'm back with another great dividends pick for you today!  As always, I try to pick less expensive stocks for you, both for your eaves wallet, and the pick.  Dividends DO NOT directly correspond to earnings, hopefully everyone knows that.  But, good earning are a necessary ingredient!

Chelsey Schofield (e)PWN3D
Earnings are definitely good today!
6,882.750 to Shareholders about 18 hours ago.
The other factor in dividends is the number of shares available, and the number sold.  At only 27ea / share she has plenty of room to grow, and vary that ratio even better!

No picks for today, hunt achievements

No stock or dividends picks for today, but they will make a return tomorrow.  In the mean time, try to figure out how many of the tons of special achievements released lately, Do Not have something to do with an Empire Ave employee.  Yup, it'll keep you hunting awhile.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 12

I'm back, with another great dividends pick to hold you over until the weekend buying spree!  What do I have today?  Well..... :

Emile Ward (e)WARD

Despite a couple of slow days here and there, his dividends are consistently pretty darn high, and I have some pretty high standards.  Dividends seem to be on an upswing lately as well, easily keeping up with some of my best dividend earners.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Squirrel-charge your Advertisements

Unless you were hiding under an EmpireAve rock all weekend, you saw the escapades of Sir Rudiger Esquirel, and maybe even wondered "Just how far will this go??  Its nuts!"  Seeing that come Monday, EmpireAve saw it fit to convert the stock to an 'Employee Class' stock, hence ending all the trading, it seems reasonable to assume that the gimmick went viral far far faster than anyone at EmpireAve expected.

The question now is, was there anything about it that is not reproducible?  Sure, that silly squirrel had the appearance of authority via EmpireAve, but there is nothing to suggest they couldn't go ahead and have similar results with a similar gimmick.  Or, maybe YOU could have similar results.Yes, you, whoever 'you' happens to be.  The only advantage that EmpireAve had, that you probably don't, is that their blogs and tweets instantly get the attention of almost everyone that is on EmpireAve.

Time to partake in a little experiment.  For the next notable holiday (I'll use St. Patrick's Day, since it is so far off) try to reproduce the 'Squirrel Effect'.  I might try doing something like start a temporary Community, and make it private.  After it drops off the new community lists, it will be pretty difficult to find randomly.  Set the community icon to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  Get a handful of lesser-known users to join that group, and give them a heads up on what you are doing.  Now, the only thing you need to do is start up enough 'buzz' to get some of the market leaders talking, and it will take on a life of its own!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Stock pick for today

Yup, sorry but there really isn't a stock pick for today.  Check out my article instead, should be posted soon!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 9

A quick pick for tonight, as I am currently stealing my neighbors internet while mine is still down.  Not sure how long I'll have signal for, sooo:

Chris Quock (e)MAX
Really good dividends all along, his dividends are definitely going up and up the past few days:

269.325e to Mike Clement about 18 hours ago.
209.475e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
194.513e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 7

I'm actually pretty busy this afternoon.  I wasn't really going to do a pick, I was just going to feed you a line about how I am busy and all that happy horseshit.  Then I noticed a stock near the top of my dividends list, and I double-checked the math, yup it looked good.  And then I realized, hey I don't think I've ever done a stock pick on him!  Let me fix that:

Adam R (e)RIDDLE

I can't buy any more shares in him, so you should!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 6

I always enjoy seeing stocks that are very consistent from day to day, especially when I am considering them for their dividend earning potential.  Consistency means that I don't have to do any fancy math to figure out if they are only good earners a small fraction of the time.  No fancy math needed with this stock:
126.350e to Mike Clement about 18 hours ago.
126.350e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
126.350e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
106.400e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago. 
Who is it, you ask?
Gonzalo Novoa (e)KILOTR

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 5

Ok, I have some oddball Dividends picks for you today.  First up:

Sergio Olivares (e)VAKUZ
For the past several days, he has had a really large spurt of activity, pumping up those earnings from my 'dont bother' category into my 'awesome earner' category.  Don't know when his activity will taper off and return to normal.

Pixelens Photography and Design (e)PXLNS
Also a nice stock to hold for stock price growth, he has had a couple low days, but overall really great earnings:

165.585e to Mike Clement about 17 hours ago.
130.673e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
141.645e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
133.665e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago.
79.800e to Mike Clement about 4 days ago.
155.610e to Mike Clement about 5 days ago.
159.600e to Mike Clement about 6 days ago.
151.620e to Mike Clement about 7 days ago.
99.750e to Mike Clement about 8 days ago.
161.595e to Mike Clement about 9 days ago.

Buying Eaves with Real Money

Right there, in case you missed it, is today's blog post by #Empire Avenue, all about now being able to buy eaves with real money.  Like usual, it is well planned out, letting people buy more as they get more established on Empire Avenue.  Luckily, it also has a very low cap, at a max of 15k eaves per month.  Really, it would be completely impossible for a well established player to buy their way onto the wealth leaderboards with only being able to buy 15k a month.  Pretty much everyone on or near the wealth leaderboards, myself included, already make that 15k or more in 1 day.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No stock pick today

Sorry, no stock pick today.  I know, I know, you are disappointed.  Who could possible get by without a stock pick to tell them what to pick?   Anyway, I was just too busy getting stuff (and things) ready, but I'll get a lot of work done on my portfolio tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 3

Yes, I am proud to bring you, yet another, Dividends pick!  LOL, ok I'm still working on rearranging my portfolio, but I am glad to say it is going well so far.  Onward to the pick:

Patman 023 (e)PATMAN
A nice find somewhat buried amongst my div earnings list (I had much less than 200 shares invested yesterday).  Looks like consistently awesome divs this week! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 2

Yet another Dividends friendly pick for you today.  If it seems I've been doing a lot of dividends picks lately, well there's a reason!  I've been trying to Re-balance my portfolio a lot, to have a better balance of good-dividends stocks, and good gaining stocks.  Here's your pick:

Not only does his name sounds cool, but his dividends lately are definitely cool!  Not too expensive either!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stock Pick for August 1

Well, its back to ordinary stock picks today for some variety, and I have 2 picks for you today.  Suprisingly, both are affordable for a change, they won't rise super fast (aka Chilean fast) but they will certainly grow a good bit.  First up:

Isaac Smith (e)ISAAC
Gaining nearly +5 today is a good sign, but at only 16ea/share right now, he's certainly going up and up overnight, so buy tonight.  Next:

John Dobbs (e)POPPA
Been a consistent gainer over the past handful of days, but is gaining even faster now.  Still room to grow more at just 21ea/share, so get in quickly.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dividends Pick For July 31

I have a couple more Dividends picks for you today!  Guess I've gotten more accustomed to searching through all my portfolio to find them, they never appear at the top for some reason.  Don't worry though, I've done the math, and they are in my top 5 for dividends!

Tim Goos (e)TIMG


Paul Romanelli (e)RMN

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dividends Pick For July 30

While it's always nice to see all of my old Dividend Picks at the top of my daily dividend earnings list, its like an extra bonus when I see some in my top ten that wasn't there before.  In this case, his dividends absolutely Skyrocketed!  I always like to catch them on the way up!

Mario Hipol (e)MHIP

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stock Pick for July 29

Here are just a couple less expensive picks, before my sell-a-thon to free up need bank for buys of weekend drop-offs.  First up:

Sebastian Aravena (e)VOLA2
Affordable at 21ea/share he has been climbing for several days now, and will continue to gain.  His activity looks well balanced as well, hopefully will be easy to maintain.  Next:

Pilar Riveros (e)PRIVER
Even more affordable at 15ea/share, she has gained +2.5ea in the last day, but now needs more on-site activity to keep things going.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ticker Tuesday #1

Ok, time for my very first (and very long) Ticker Tuesday!

First up, is a handful of the people I think have awesome content that I like to read when I have the chance.  I highly suggest you go and check out their blogs (maybe buy a few shares *poke* *poke*)


And now, a large bunch of relative new users, that are above 8ea/share but still under 17ea/share and could definitely make more progressive with a little attention from everybody!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Stock Pick for July 26

A nice stock pick today for you and me both to get back into Stock Picks.

Gabriel Nesvara (e)GANEVI
He's got a blog hooked up now, and a good deal of activity.  He was in the green yesterday, and made a sweet gain of +3.2ea so far today.  At 14 now, so buy big, it will surely rise a lot.

Looks like my last 2 dividends picks, e(XINE) and (e)ANIME are still great dividends!

I've been trying out Sharedeck, and I used it for sorting out potential Stock Picks for the first time today.  Hopefully it will save lots of time in the long run!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dividends Pick For July 25

To be honest, I was all set to do a normal Stock Pick today.  That was the plan all afternoon, except when I sat down and looked through my portfolio, something caught my eye.  Ok, something REALLY caught my eye.  I saw that someone that I had just bought some more shares in earlier today was on my dividends list, and with some pretty good dividends.  Then I saw that I didn't own 200 shares, I owned under 100 shares, and I literally did a double take.  Obviously, that individual is my Dividends Pick for today, and was a regular Stock Pick under a week ago:

Christine Douglas e(XINE)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

No stock pick today

Sorry, just didn't have enough time today to really make a stock pick or dividends pick.  I hope to do an extra blog post tomorrow, in addition to a pick, to make it up to you.  Maybe about how I decide on a pick, and what criteria qualifies?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dividends Pick For July 23

Yes, you read that right.  Every so often I see someone climb up quite a lot on my list of good dividends, and I like to make a pick out of them whenever I can =)

The site account Pixelens Photography & Design (e)PXLNS
The dividends shot up a little bit, and I *think* they've become my top dividends stock.

Krimson Gray (e)ANIME
He's always been a good dividend pick, but he's also made some good gains in stock price.  His dividends are a little lower than normal today, but they'll rise up a handful soon.

Get buying!  (and holding)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stock Pick for July 21

A couple good solid stock picks for you today.  First up:

Janine White (e)JIW
Some good onsite activity, and a nice increase today of +3.7ea with a likely jump tomorrow as well.

Corey Tyhurst (e)COREYT
Corey had a nice jump today of +2.5ea with some twitter activity, but he also has great dividends as well.  He's currently #3 in my profile for dividends!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stock Pick for July 20

A couple stock picks for you today, while I try to get my all new fancy 'lists' in proper order.  I'll have all of my stock picks, including my 'lesser' picks in my buy list eventually.  First up:

Elizabeth Morales (e)CANGU
A damn impressive gain of +9ea today means a more expensive buy at 22.8ea, but judging by activity looks to gain quite a bit tomorrow as well.  Keep an eye out for any downturns.

Mario Hipol (e)MHIP
A nice gain of +4.5ea today, but somewhat expensive at 37ea.  Lots of onsite activity to keep up the gains, and as a bonus has terrific divs as well.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stock Pick for July 19

Alright,  I have 2 stock picks for you, with a big difference in price.  First up, the new and affordable:

Julian Finn (e)TTMMHE
A pretty good day with a +3.7ea gain, and he just started.  (e)MDTJ is showing him the ropes around here, and his is catching on fast.

Christian Infante (e)INFAME
 A ton of buys lately, and his stock price has started to skyrocket in the past couple days.  With a +12ea gain today, he still has room to grow, so there should still be good gains tomorrow.

Stock Pick for July 18

A couple stock picks for you today, one well vested one just starting out.  First up:

Christine Douglas (e)XINE
A nice jump of +4ea today, based on plenty of activity, and plenty of buys.  Certainly going to have a resulting jump tomorrow, and will be sustainable. At 37ea right now.

Eliana Rodriguez (e)ELIBU
A nice +2.2ea gain today, and a very new stock at 12.3ea.  Good mix of twitter, facebook, and on site activity so it should keep on gaining.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stock Pick for July 17

Two stock picks for you today, but both are slightly pricey.

Felipe Beroiza (e)EFBIEM
A steady climber for awhile, but sales have taken off big time in the past half a day.  Had a +2.6ea gain so far today, and should have good gains going into tomorrow.

Melanie Pitts (e)PITTS
Jumped almost 10ea a few days ago, but has had an explosion of activity today, both on site and off.  Look for a nice jump tomorrow and a smaller one the day after.

Stock Pick for July 16

With enough capital finally, today I have a couple slightly expensive stock picks for you.

Oxana Petrovna (e)ZIMA
Expensive at 30ea, but showed some great growth of almost +4 today and is on track to hit 35ea very soon.

Jeannette Santibanez (e)OXYGEN
A little bit more pricey at 36ea, the gains have been a little more drawn out.  Still, a +3.5 gain today, and is gaining more and more buys to remain a steady gainer.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Stock Pick For July 15

Well well well, I see how it is.  I skip a stock pick, and you say 'well screw Shadax, he doesn't have a stock pick for me, so I won't even bother with his free Raffle'.  Well, here's your damn stock pick:


This should give you a whole bunch of eaves, depending on how much you sell.She needs to free up shares, so its perfect timing. Next,


Yes, you greedy bastards, that's the stock pick.  I need to raise capital after an upgrade, and you deserve a shitty pick!

Oh, and sell some (e)JOSH while you are at it.  He keeps tweeting about selling him, or something like that.  I try not to listen to a guy with more than a few dead hookers in the closet.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Stock pick - RAFFLE INSTEAD!

Sorry folks, no stock pick for today, been a busy day but I hope to have one up tomorrow.  As I said, I'm going to raffle off a free 2000-view advertisement of your choice on EmpireAve !

Details -

All you have to do to enter is - send me a message WITH YOUR TICKER!  You can send me a message on here, on EmpireAve, on twitter, pretty much anywhere.  I'll respond back with your raffle ticket number, but you don't really need to keep track of it or anything.  DRAWING takes place in 24 hours from now!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Stock Pick for July 12

I'm back, with a few good stock picks for you today.  First up is:

Jade Rocks (e)JADE
Like a lot of people, she skyrocketed in the past 24 hours, and hasn't dropped back down any.  She has a good number of buys throughout the day, and very affordable at under 20ea.

Hector Wally (e)WALLY
A nice slow and steady rise over the past few days, and very affordable at 15ea.  He has few buys throughout the day so be careful, a lack of activity could be deadly

Carolina L (e)DORY76
Not just a pretty avatar =)  A bit expensive at 28ea, but lots and lots of buys throughout the day, so much more likely to be stable.  A 3ea jump since last close, and looks like that is only the beginning. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

No stock pick today

I've been trying to gather up as much free eaves as I could today because, you guessed it, time to buy that next upgrade!  Sooo, I didn't really have any cash for trying to test the waters for you guys.  No stock pick today, try back tomorrow!

I've been thinking about what to do on the rare days I don't do a stock pick.  What do you think about a (free) 24 hour raffle,you enter by just sending a message and to the winner any 2000 view advertisement you want put up?  Comments?  Suggestions?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stock Pick for July 10

I have 2 nice stock picks for you today, and both are still affordable =)  First up:

Sebastian Fontecilla (e)SEBAFZ
Had a down day yesterday, but doing really good today.  Around a 6ea gain today, with lots of buys.  Still affordable at 18.3ea

Paul the Octopus (e)BANG
Looks like an octopus theme going on here =)  Also affordable at 18.4, made almost a 5ea gain today, but might slow down a bit tomorrow.

Oh yea, sell (e)POOKA so I can buy more =)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Want to see YOUR stock featured?

Yes, just send me a link to your stock, and I'll go check it out!  I'll carefully analyze your stock using complex mathematical formulas (a gerbil running on his exercise wheel) and I'll give you the honest lowdown of what I think about your stock.  If I like what I see, you may even get featured in a post all about you!!  If not, I'll give any suggestions I can think of to help you improve!

Stock Pick for July 9

Yes, indeed!  I said I would have a bunch of stock picks for you today, and I have 3 good picks ready to go!

Fernanda Perez (e)PERIS
A bit pricey at almost 25, but good steady increases every day, and gaining momentum.

Mariana Pineda (e)MINT
A catchy ticker is sure to catch some attention, and her stock is just beginning to take off!  At 15 right now, and sure to rise.

Pulpo Paul (e)DANNYT
I have no idea whats up with the ticker, but I guess it stands out.  Enough people are sure buying him, so the price is rising quick.  While you buy some shares, I'll figure out if that is supposed to be an octopus.  Oh, and I'll get ready for another stock pick of course.

No Stock pick for today

Sorry, no stock pick for today, July 8.  I cleaned out my portfolio a bit today, but didn't find any interesting performers.  I'll try to make sure there are 2 or 3 picks tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stock Pick for July 7

I finally sold out today, woohoo!  Unfortunately, it does mean I will be changing my strategy around a bit, as people purchasing my stock doesn't really affect my price anymore.  Not until I buy the upgrade, at least.  For now, here are my usual stock picks:

Luis Lopez (e)EK747
A nice steady increase, and affordable at 17, does not look to be slowing down yet

Pablo Morales (e)DAEMON
More expensive, but still gaining and getting lots and lots of buys, so he's still gonna be increasing.

Advertisements - Clicks per Pageview

I'm sure at this point, everyone has seen that with the 'Chilean Invasion' the number of highly active people on the Empire Avenue website has risen dramatically.  As a result, the advertisements you post are going to run through pageviews at a much much faster rate.  Also, most people have seen the number of click-throughs per 100 pageviews go down considerably as well.  Why?  I know that anytime I see a long advertisement in Spanish, I don't even bother to try and go translate it anymore.  The longer the advertisement, the more of the content is lost on me in translation.  I would imagine it's even worse for Chileans, as Google Translate is a bit better at going from Spanish -> English than from English -> Spanish.  Also, many of the people joining the site from Chile are extremely active, they buy and post shouts constantly.  I know that personally, any time I am on the Empire Avenue website, I am either casually browsing around, or I am trying to finish a task.  Unless an advertisement REALLY stands out, chances are good that I won't click it if I am busy with something.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stock Pick for July 6

I have a few good stock picks for you to check out today.  First up, albeit a little pricy:

Rafael Allende (e)HALUNK

I guess its one of those tickers I'm just not gonna understand, but the graph I do understand =)  Ever increasing gains, and plenty of buys, so go for it if you can afford it at 26+.  And finally:

Santiago Farrel (e)SFFA
Colette Hoff (e)HOFF

Both are pretty inexpensive at 17 and 12, and both look to be starting to skyrocket!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Stock Pick for July 5

I have 2 nice stock picks for you to sink your teeth into today!  As expected, both are relative newcomers from Chile.  First up:

They have seen some pretty explosive growth today, having just joined.  Still very affordable, and sure to keep on rising.  And second:

Millache Bone (e)MILLY
Signed up 2 or 3 days ago, but consistent growth and lots of people investing!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stock Pick for July 4

As promised, here are a whole bunch of stock picks for today.  To start things off, I have a several 'dividends' picks that under the new dividends calculations are paying pretty nicely!

Gina Montana (e)21GUNS
Brett Mirly (e)QWERTY

Are the dividend picks for today, and will be a nice addition to any 'dividend' or 'buy and hold' portfolio.  And, in between a dividend pick and a regular stock pick, we have:

Fernando Gonzalez (e)OVEDOS

He is making almost as good dividend returns, but he is much more affordable and his stock is climbing pretty quickly to top it off!  And finally, the good 'ole regular stock picks:

Tulio Trivino (e)31MIN
Ariel Santis (e)ZAR
Mario Arenas (e)MARIO
Cristian Llao (e)LLAO

Hope you enjoyed the huge pile of stock picks today!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

No stock pick today =(

Since tonight is UFC 116, I am in a bit of a rush this afternoon.  That being said, I wont rush out a stock pick for today, but I will give you a few stock picks for July 4th to make up for it.  That way you can relax at the bbq!

Hopefully on Monday, I will finish up the first 'Movie Quote Crossword'.  Hopefully at the very least it will be entertaining for everyone!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Stock Pick for July 2

The Empire Ave site was running horribly slow for me, as well as Twitter, so thats why there was no stock pick yesterday, as I couldn't really browse the site that well.  Probably why my own stock went down for the first time this week, but it will climb soon enough.

Today's stock pick is Cristina Martinez (e)CRISTY

She is at 18.136 right now, but has just joined recently and been making +3 point gains a day, so I expect it to continue in the near future!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stock Pick for June 30

Today I will try to give you another juice stock pick like yesterday.  Right now I see yesterday's pick (e)C4 at 20.691 which sounds pretty good to me. 

Today's pick is Enrique (e)INDI

Yes, I know he isn't from Chile, but its the same social group =)  His activity is  a bit diverse, which is nice to see for a change =)  He also has 4 blogs/RSS hooked up, so its less likely he will hit a wall too quickly to make some earning!  Right now he is at 14.679 ea

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stock Pick for June 29

I really didn't want to select a stock pick for today.  To really keep up with the gains that many people are seeing by numerous purchases, you can't just buy and hold one or two stocks.  The impressive gains in portfolio value is almost always done by flipping lots and lots of stocks lately.  Sure, you might hit that stock that no one else saw, and it will be your cash cow since you are the only investor.  Good luck with that, be sure to start your own blog at that point, I'll be glad to subscribe =)

That said, for those of you that need to make some money but don't really have time to look around:
My stock pick for today is Carlos Cornejo (e)C4

He is still very affordable at ~14ea, but has made big gains in only 12 hours.

I figured I would leave you with a quote from the Unicorn Princess (e)POOKA  it pretty much sums it up -
"Right now you don't even have to think.. buy any of em (Chileans). either you get great dividends or their price goes through the roof"

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stock Pick for June 28

It would make sense that my stock pick today would be a Chilean stock, seeing all of the new users to pick from.  And it is, but it is website/business stock from Chile, and it is just starting to gain some momentum.  While the (e)SNS stock gives us hope for another skyrocketing stock, lets keep in mind that people can flock away from a stock just as easily as towards it.

My stock pick is FerradaNehme (e)FN

(I bought in at 15.171, lets see how it does tomorrow)

Influx of new users - all from Chile

This just goes to show you the viral behavior of promoting something.  Apparently several users from Chile who had tried EmpireAve and got hooked posted about it on a popular Chilean website.  As a result, we have had a huge number of new users join from Chile, so many that it looked like fradulent activity at first.  Now that's the kind of viral promotion you want to get going for your stock!!!  The interesting thing is how quickly all the users from Chile gained a huge amount of buying power.  (e)SNS had just joined a few days ago, and it SOLD OUT in just 2 OR 3 DAYS!  They have so much buying power, in fact, that your stock will likely suffer if you don't start getting noticed by them =/

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stock Pick for June 27

With the weekend lull in full swing, it was more difficult to come up with a worthy stock pick today.  Luckily, I found a business stock that is on the rise, and has obtained a good stock price before their first weekend.  They are all ready to start blogging away soon too.  If they take my advice and blog a bit, they will have a big jump.  Too many new(ish) stocks now do not blog, and it will definitely harm them sooner or later.

My stock pick is (e)XOXO aka It's Our Lil Secret 

What is your EmpireAve Strategy Style?

Other than those that have had the honor (and advantage) of selling out their shares, no one relies solely on social activity or solely on selling shares to increase their stock price.  Why?  It's near impossible to avoid people buying your stock (unless you are a crazy unicorn lover tweeting like crazy for people to sell) and when you see the gain to your stock, you try and take full advantage of the momentum.  If you rely only on social activity, there would be a direct correspondence to your stock price.  If you had X amount of social activity, the max your share price could be (on that alone) would be Y.  People who rely to heavily on social activity alone realize it every time they are less active, as their stock price takes a dive, and takes longer to recover.  People who rely too heavily on people buying their stocks have a different problem:  becoming too stagnant.  In much the same way, they need people to continue buying their stocks.  If their gains tamper off for too long, people will naturally start thinking about selling them.  In much the same way, once a couple people sell them off, the downward spiral begins.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stock Pick for June 26

My stock pick for today is (e)DNC

With all of his tweeting, he has made impressive gains already.  He is just starting to get blogging, so I expect that to kick in and help in the next day or 2.  I bought in today at 19.831 but just yesterday he was at 17.4 a quick +2.7 =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Stock Picks for June 25

Several stock picks await you today, as both look promising, depending on how well they get used to Empire Ave.  First up is:
She has a good number of shares sold, so dividends may not be as high, but she IS gaining sure and steady.

And second is:
IF she hooks up her blog, and posts ready, her already decent gains will take off in no time.

Lets see how they do!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whats this?? A stock pick?

Yes, I know I am normally against buying newbies due to the fact that often causes them to suffer a 'newbie bump and dump'.  In the past, just someone high profile (aka not me) posting a blog about buying someone would be enough to send their price skyrocketing (artificially, of course).  Since none of the investors were in it for the long haul, as 1 or 2 people start to sell, everyone follows and the person is drops back down.  But in the past couple weeks, investments on EmpireAve have been more diverse, and I hold out a lot of hope that some of the recent changes to market markers will significantly reduce the 'Newbie Bump and Dump'.

In light of all that, my stock pick is not a newbie at all, rather is a bit expensive.  However, I think it is a well-rounded pick, as this company/website site looks like it will go up in the next couple days, but also highly likely to return very good dividends if you choose to buy and hold.

My stock pick for today, June 24, is Alzheimer's Reading Room (e)ARR

FYI: I bought in at 26.798 (yes, its that darn expensive, but its a safe (enough) investment even for you.  I'm also going to post what my returns were, if I can.

The Next Contest - What to expect

Yes, there will be another Contest, but it won't be a simple 'Guess That Movie Quote' Contest.  For one, it is too difficult to come up with a quote that you'd have to be a die-hard movie fan to figure out.  And once I do find such a quote, then seeing how difficult it is to find the answer by google; invariably its easier than I estimate.  Sooo, next time around (probably Monday evening), it will be a Movie Quote and Movie Trivia oriented crossword puzzle.  All of the answers will be titles of a Movie, but the hints will be a major line from a Movie, or a common piece of trivia from a Movie.  Hopefully it will be more involved enough to keep people playing, at least for me to get a good evening or 2 of relaxation =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Third Winner!

The winning answer came in today from Todd (e)MDTJ with the answer that the quote is indeed from "Taxi Driver"

Go pay Todd at visit at

The full passage was:

Office Manager: No trouble with the Hack Bureau?
Travis: No Sir.
Office Manager: Got your license?
Travis: Yes.
Office Manager: So why do you want to be a taxi driver?
Travis: I can't sleep nights.
Office Manager: There's porno theaters for that.
Travis: I know. I tried that.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guess That Movie Quote Contest - round 3!

Ok, here is the third quote for you:

"I ride around nights mostly"

Like before, a simple Google search 'shouldnt' give you the answer (hopefully).  This one is from an older but popular movie, so it may be guessed faster than I'd figure.  One hint per day until someone guesses it, which hasn't even been necessary yet!

The winner gets a full buy from me, for at least a week (unless I've already maxed you out obviously).  I will also run 2 different 500view ads promoting you!  You can write them yourself, or I can write them for you.

All of the winners seem to make good gains following the contest(+~5), so I always enjoy seeing someone win who is stuck at 15-17.

The Next 'Guess That Movie Quote!' Contest - coming Tuesday!

The next 'Guess That Movie Quote' Contest will begin on Tuesday evening!  I'm hoping to kick it off by 7pm UTC-5 but I may be a little late.  I still have not picked what movie it will be from, so if you'd like to make a suggestion, I could sure use it!  I'm hoping for a more obscure movie this time around, in the hopes of making it harder to guess.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Market Fluctuations

For those of you who keep a careful eye on the EmpireAve market, you may have seen today and yesterday, a large number of stocks take a small dive.  Almost everyone in my portfolio seems to have taken a dive at the start of each day, but the top stocks (aka leaderboard stocks) seem to recoup the loss very quickly, by more people buying them up.  Top stocks regaining their share price makes sense, as I see it to a degree myself, though not nearly as quickly as top stocks.  However, it seems more and more likely that one of the major stock price markers has been adjusted, and I would venture a guess that it has something to do with your audience.  So, to that end, I would suggest you spend more time than usual on increasing your audience, on both twitter and EmpireAve itself.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another winner!

An incredibly quick answer (correct answer) from Doug (e)DARING quickly finished off this round, with the answer that the quote is indeed from "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"

Go and pay Doug a visit at

The full passage was:
Questular:  Don't you think this many ships is a bit, oh I don't know - excessive?
Kwaltz:  The provisions are clear.  Under subsection 37a these are the forces we deploy to protect the president in the case of an attempted or actual kidnapping - and these are the forces we deploy to apprehend any intentional or actual kidnapper.

Questular:  You are aware, Commander, that the President kidnapped himself.
Kwaltz:  Hence...
Questular:  Do you have any idea how ridiculous this is?
Kwaltz:  I don't have ideas Mr. Vice President.  I just do what I do.

Guess that Movie Quote Contest – round 2!

Ok, here is the second quote:

"Do you have any idea how ridiculous this is"

Once again, a simple google search 'shouldnt' give you the answer right away.  It's from an 'unusual' movie, so it may take some hints before someone guesses it.  Maybe not =/  A hint a day will be posted until someone gets it.

Just like before, the winner will get a full buy from me, for at least a full week.  In addition, I will run 2 different 500view ads promoting you!  You can write them, or I can write them for you.  Did I mention how well the previous winner, (e)CRAW is doing?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Next 'Guess That Movie Quote!' Contest - coming Thursday!

The next 'Guess That Movie Quote' Contest will begin on Thursday evening!  I'm hoping to kick it off by 7pm UTC-5 but I may be a little late.  I already know what movie it will be from, and I'm pretty sure what the quote will be.  Trust me, it is from a somewhat unusual movie, definitely a 'geek' movie!  I'm fairly confident the quote will be even harder to guess too.  Stay tuned!

Monday, June 14, 2010

We have a Winner!

Yes, it didnt take Crawford (e)CRAW long to figure out that the movie it is from is "Swingers!"

The full quote is:

Trent: So, what'd you think of that Dorothy girl?
Mike: The whole Judy Garland thing kinda turned me on. Does that make me some kind of fag?
Trent: No, baby, you're money.

Go and check out (e)CRAW at

Guess That Movie Quote Contest!

Ok, so here is the first quote:

'So what do you think of that Dorothy girl?'

Not easy to come up with the answer by way of Google, on purpose.  However, it is from a well know movie, so someone will get it eventually.  A hint will follow every day until someone gets the answer.

As I said, Winner will get a full buy from me, for at least a full week.  In addition, I will run 2 different 500view ads promoting you!  You can write them, or I can write them for you.

Update:  we have a winner!  See full blog

Guess that Movie Quote Contest – on

Ok, starting tommorrow, I will be running a contest on, and the rules are simple, you just have to name what Movie the quote I post is from!  I happen to love movie quotes, but I suck at guessing them, so the theory is that you will be better at guessing them than I am!

Winner will get a full buy from me, for at least a full week.  In addition, I will run 2 500view ads promoting you!  More details, and hopefully the start of the contest on Monday morning.  So Retweet this on twitter if you can, and help me get the word out!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Newbie Fever

I've avoided posting any Empire Avenue picks in awhile, mostly due to
a sign of more and more 'Newbie Fever' with new investors and seasoned
investors alike.  Basically, investors would only invest in someone when their stock price was as close as possible to the 'starting' stock price, 10.000, up to, say, 11 or possibly 12.  Then, they would hold the stock in that newbie until the person hit 17, widely regarded as the point were a new player would start a free-for-all drop as investors keep selling them off.  I never liked it for several reasons, besides the obvious frustration the new player experiences, it depends on you keeping a close eye on all the stock prices, so you can be one of the first people to sell off that stock (continued soon).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Monday picks, check back tommorrow

Yup, getting a bit too late for picks today, I've been way too addicted to 'Red Dead Redemption' this weekend.

Lets follow up on how my last picks did, shall we?

SBMCZH - Looks like she closed out the day at 30.916.  Not too shabby, huh?  I bought in at 15.272
(A gain of +15.644 since Friday!)

MIKEL - Not a bad job, he closed at 22.407.  I remember thinking he would beat out SBMCZH, guess not.  I bought in at 14.193
(A gain of +8.214 since Friday)

WOODSY - I thought WOODSY would top all my other stock picks.  Looks like he closed at 20.650, not quite I suppose.  I bought in at 14.288
(A gain of +6.362 since Friday)

Overall, my pics gained 30.22 since just before the market close on Friday night / Saturday morning.  Over a +10 increase per day!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Friday Picks

Yes, I DO have a few late day pick for Friday, 5/22:

First, SBMCZH (yea, wtf is with that ticker!) I see lots and lots of twitter activity right now, but also a blog and facebook hooked up, so hopefully that will help keep any future price drops at bay for a long time!
(I bought at 15.272)

Next, MIKEL (not just because he has a nice ticker either)  He twitters quite often, but has a blog and facebook hooked up, and posts less frequently on facebook.  He has been gaining pretty well recently too.
(I bought at 14.193)

Finally, WOODSY (interesting ticker).  Perhaps the best for last.  He has twitter, facebook, and a blog.  He seems to have a nice balance of posts between the three, and hopefully it will translate into keeping his gains.
(I bought at 14.288)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Late day picks for Friday!

UPDATE:   Shadax's picks +3.085
Looks like AMYM went a bit stagnant, again.  I saw only a +0.22 increase, assuming you got out at the right time.  After I sold, stock dropped sharply.  EPORT is still looking good now, I saw a +2.471 increase up til now, I'm not telling you when to sell, you can figure that for yourself =)  ES also saw a bit of a drop today, did you get out when the getting was good?  I saw a small +0.394 increase.

Sorry the picks for today are so late in the day, but hopefully you can still get in on some nice finds!  Just remember, tommorrow is the weekend, so by the end of Saturday many people will start dropping like flies!  Here you go:

#AMYM is the first pick,  She is just starting to pick up after going silent til Wed.
( I bought in at 10.53ea)

#EPORT is pick #2 for today.  Relative newcomer with lots of twitter activity make this a good bet.
(I bought in at 11.993ea)

#ES (Electronical Suicide) is the last pick for today.  They have twitter and facebook hooked up, as well as a blog and RSS feed.  They are relatively new, but as soon as we see some blog activity show up, great returns should follow!
(I bought in at 11.840ea)

May the Force be with you!  EAVB_MKPHNVVBPZ