Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 26

Welcome to the wonderful Dividends Pick for today!  And its a pick I'm sure a lot of the wealthier EAvers already have invested in.

Max Reid (e)WINMAX

Not too expensive, but not cheap at 37ea/share.  Dividends are looking good, I see an average Dividend Return of 0.68678 per share!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 24

I'm back, with yet another Delightful Dividends Pick!  Yea, I'm starting to run out of potential picks, so I'll have to go hunting for more 'feeler' investments soon!  Oh, right, the pick:

Steve Paulo (e)SPAULO

Nice predictable, easy to figure out ticker there!  Somewhat expensive at 31.760 eav/share but what stock isn't expensive these days?  I pulled out a calculator app to figure out the average dividend return per share:
avg 0.65683eav / share

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 23

An interesting Dividends pick for you today, are you ready to make some money?

Dj3go (e)DJ3GO

An interesting name, not to mention the avatar!  The dividends, however, have been looking pretty terrific, so a less expensive share price is just an extra little bonus!

Last 10 Dividends:
0.698e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
0.698e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
0.599e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago.
0.698e to Mike Clement about 4 days ago.

As always, they are dividends per share, as I don't always invest a full 400 shares (ok, seldom do i invest a full 400 shares)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 22

Another simply stunning Dividends Pick is what awaits you on this blog today!  Yes, I'm back with plenty of stats to make another great pick, just for you!

Flavio P (e)FLAPIC

Good consistent earnings, and consistently a pretty high dividend return per share:

The per share dividends were:

Last 10 Dividends:
0.748e to Mike Clement about 16 hours ago.
0.848e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
0.888e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
0.798e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Sure, its wayyyy overly simplistic.  But, it still made me laugh for a couple minutes.  And I'll recycle it during boring / stressful conference calls.

No stock pick today =(

No, no stock pick for today, but I will try to post one as early as I can tomorrow.  Maybe I will do 1 Stock pick and 1 Dividends pick, just to make it more interesting!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 19

Yes, I am back, with an all new, 100% pulp free Dividends pick, just for you (and anyone reading over your shoulder)

Nicolas Aguero (e)HNTRCL
Somewhat pricey at 33ea/share but it is balanced out by the fact that he has not sold out yet.  Looks consistent aside from a couple days, and great rewards to come =)

Last 10 Earnings:

9,376.500 to Shareholders about 18 hours ago.
9,476.250 to Shareholders about 1 day ago.
3,990.000 to Shareholders about 2 days ago.
3,291.750 to Shareholders about 3 days ago.
8,778.000 to Shareholders about 4 days ago.
8,478.750 to Shareholders about 5 days ago.
7,581.000 to Shareholders about 6 days ago.
8,877.750 to Shareholders about 7 days ago.
8,179.500 to Shareholders about 8 days ago.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 15

Yes, I'm back with another great dividends pick for you today!  As always, I try to pick less expensive stocks for you, both for your eaves wallet, and the pick.  Dividends DO NOT directly correspond to earnings, hopefully everyone knows that.  But, good earning are a necessary ingredient!

Chelsey Schofield (e)PWN3D
Earnings are definitely good today!
6,882.750 to Shareholders about 18 hours ago.
The other factor in dividends is the number of shares available, and the number sold.  At only 27ea / share she has plenty of room to grow, and vary that ratio even better!

No picks for today, hunt achievements

No stock or dividends picks for today, but they will make a return tomorrow.  In the mean time, try to figure out how many of the tons of special achievements released lately, Do Not have something to do with an Empire Ave employee.  Yup, it'll keep you hunting awhile.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 12

I'm back, with another great dividends pick to hold you over until the weekend buying spree!  What do I have today?  Well..... :

Emile Ward (e)WARD

Despite a couple of slow days here and there, his dividends are consistently pretty darn high, and I have some pretty high standards.  Dividends seem to be on an upswing lately as well, easily keeping up with some of my best dividend earners.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Squirrel-charge your Advertisements

Unless you were hiding under an EmpireAve rock all weekend, you saw the escapades of Sir Rudiger Esquirel, and maybe even wondered "Just how far will this go??  Its nuts!"  Seeing that come Monday, EmpireAve saw it fit to convert the stock to an 'Employee Class' stock, hence ending all the trading, it seems reasonable to assume that the gimmick went viral far far faster than anyone at EmpireAve expected.

The question now is, was there anything about it that is not reproducible?  Sure, that silly squirrel had the appearance of authority via EmpireAve, but there is nothing to suggest they couldn't go ahead and have similar results with a similar gimmick.  Or, maybe YOU could have similar results.Yes, you, whoever 'you' happens to be.  The only advantage that EmpireAve had, that you probably don't, is that their blogs and tweets instantly get the attention of almost everyone that is on EmpireAve.

Time to partake in a little experiment.  For the next notable holiday (I'll use St. Patrick's Day, since it is so far off) try to reproduce the 'Squirrel Effect'.  I might try doing something like start a temporary Community, and make it private.  After it drops off the new community lists, it will be pretty difficult to find randomly.  Set the community icon to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  Get a handful of lesser-known users to join that group, and give them a heads up on what you are doing.  Now, the only thing you need to do is start up enough 'buzz' to get some of the market leaders talking, and it will take on a life of its own!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Stock pick for today

Yup, sorry but there really isn't a stock pick for today.  Check out my article instead, should be posted soon!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 9

A quick pick for tonight, as I am currently stealing my neighbors internet while mine is still down.  Not sure how long I'll have signal for, sooo:

Chris Quock (e)MAX
Really good dividends all along, his dividends are definitely going up and up the past few days:

269.325e to Mike Clement about 18 hours ago.
209.475e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
194.513e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 7

I'm actually pretty busy this afternoon.  I wasn't really going to do a pick, I was just going to feed you a line about how I am busy and all that happy horseshit.  Then I noticed a stock near the top of my dividends list, and I double-checked the math, yup it looked good.  And then I realized, hey I don't think I've ever done a stock pick on him!  Let me fix that:

Adam R (e)RIDDLE

I can't buy any more shares in him, so you should!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 6

I always enjoy seeing stocks that are very consistent from day to day, especially when I am considering them for their dividend earning potential.  Consistency means that I don't have to do any fancy math to figure out if they are only good earners a small fraction of the time.  No fancy math needed with this stock:
126.350e to Mike Clement about 18 hours ago.
126.350e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
126.350e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
106.400e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago. 
Who is it, you ask?
Gonzalo Novoa (e)KILOTR

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 5

Ok, I have some oddball Dividends picks for you today.  First up:

Sergio Olivares (e)VAKUZ
For the past several days, he has had a really large spurt of activity, pumping up those earnings from my 'dont bother' category into my 'awesome earner' category.  Don't know when his activity will taper off and return to normal.

Pixelens Photography and Design (e)PXLNS
Also a nice stock to hold for stock price growth, he has had a couple low days, but overall really great earnings:

165.585e to Mike Clement about 17 hours ago.
130.673e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
141.645e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
133.665e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago.
79.800e to Mike Clement about 4 days ago.
155.610e to Mike Clement about 5 days ago.
159.600e to Mike Clement about 6 days ago.
151.620e to Mike Clement about 7 days ago.
99.750e to Mike Clement about 8 days ago.
161.595e to Mike Clement about 9 days ago.

Buying Eaves with Real Money

Right there, in case you missed it, is today's blog post by #Empire Avenue, all about now being able to buy eaves with real money.  Like usual, it is well planned out, letting people buy more as they get more established on Empire Avenue.  Luckily, it also has a very low cap, at a max of 15k eaves per month.  Really, it would be completely impossible for a well established player to buy their way onto the wealth leaderboards with only being able to buy 15k a month.  Pretty much everyone on or near the wealth leaderboards, myself included, already make that 15k or more in 1 day.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No stock pick today

Sorry, no stock pick today.  I know, I know, you are disappointed.  Who could possible get by without a stock pick to tell them what to pick?   Anyway, I was just too busy getting stuff (and things) ready, but I'll get a lot of work done on my portfolio tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 3

Yes, I am proud to bring you, yet another, Dividends pick!  LOL, ok I'm still working on rearranging my portfolio, but I am glad to say it is going well so far.  Onward to the pick:

Patman 023 (e)PATMAN
A nice find somewhat buried amongst my div earnings list (I had much less than 200 shares invested yesterday).  Looks like consistently awesome divs this week! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 2

Yet another Dividends friendly pick for you today.  If it seems I've been doing a lot of dividends picks lately, well there's a reason!  I've been trying to Re-balance my portfolio a lot, to have a better balance of good-dividends stocks, and good gaining stocks.  Here's your pick:

Not only does his name sounds cool, but his dividends lately are definitely cool!  Not too expensive either!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stock Pick for August 1

Well, its back to ordinary stock picks today for some variety, and I have 2 picks for you today.  Suprisingly, both are affordable for a change, they won't rise super fast (aka Chilean fast) but they will certainly grow a good bit.  First up:

Isaac Smith (e)ISAAC
Gaining nearly +5 today is a good sign, but at only 16ea/share right now, he's certainly going up and up overnight, so buy tonight.  Next:

John Dobbs (e)POPPA
Been a consistent gainer over the past handful of days, but is gaining even faster now.  Still room to grow more at just 21ea/share, so get in quickly.