Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 26

Welcome to the wonderful Dividends Pick for today!  And its a pick I'm sure a lot of the wealthier EAvers already have invested in.

Max Reid (e)WINMAX

Not too expensive, but not cheap at 37ea/share.  Dividends are looking good, I see an average Dividend Return of 0.68678 per share!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 24

I'm back, with yet another Delightful Dividends Pick!  Yea, I'm starting to run out of potential picks, so I'll have to go hunting for more 'feeler' investments soon!  Oh, right, the pick:

Steve Paulo (e)SPAULO

Nice predictable, easy to figure out ticker there!  Somewhat expensive at 31.760 eav/share but what stock isn't expensive these days?  I pulled out a calculator app to figure out the average dividend return per share:
avg 0.65683eav / share

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 23

An interesting Dividends pick for you today, are you ready to make some money?

Dj3go (e)DJ3GO

An interesting name, not to mention the avatar!  The dividends, however, have been looking pretty terrific, so a less expensive share price is just an extra little bonus!

Last 10 Dividends:
0.698e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
0.698e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
0.599e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago.
0.698e to Mike Clement about 4 days ago.

As always, they are dividends per share, as I don't always invest a full 400 shares (ok, seldom do i invest a full 400 shares)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 22

Another simply stunning Dividends Pick is what awaits you on this blog today!  Yes, I'm back with plenty of stats to make another great pick, just for you!

Flavio P (e)FLAPIC

Good consistent earnings, and consistently a pretty high dividend return per share:

The per share dividends were:

Last 10 Dividends:
0.748e to Mike Clement about 16 hours ago.
0.848e to Mike Clement about 1 day ago.
0.888e to Mike Clement about 2 days ago.
0.798e to Mike Clement about 3 days ago.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Sure, its wayyyy overly simplistic.  But, it still made me laugh for a couple minutes.  And I'll recycle it during boring / stressful conference calls.

No stock pick today =(

No, no stock pick for today, but I will try to post one as early as I can tomorrow.  Maybe I will do 1 Stock pick and 1 Dividends pick, just to make it more interesting!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dividends Pick For August 19

Yes, I am back, with an all new, 100% pulp free Dividends pick, just for you (and anyone reading over your shoulder)

Nicolas Aguero (e)HNTRCL
Somewhat pricey at 33ea/share but it is balanced out by the fact that he has not sold out yet.  Looks consistent aside from a couple days, and great rewards to come =)

Last 10 Earnings:

9,376.500 to Shareholders about 18 hours ago.
9,476.250 to Shareholders about 1 day ago.
3,990.000 to Shareholders about 2 days ago.
3,291.750 to Shareholders about 3 days ago.
8,778.000 to Shareholders about 4 days ago.
8,478.750 to Shareholders about 5 days ago.
7,581.000 to Shareholders about 6 days ago.
8,877.750 to Shareholders about 7 days ago.
8,179.500 to Shareholders about 8 days ago.