Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No Monday picks, check back tommorrow

Yup, getting a bit too late for picks today, I've been way too addicted to 'Red Dead Redemption' this weekend.

Lets follow up on how my last picks did, shall we?

SBMCZH - Looks like she closed out the day at 30.916.  Not too shabby, huh?  I bought in at 15.272
(A gain of +15.644 since Friday!)

MIKEL - Not a bad job, he closed at 22.407.  I remember thinking he would beat out SBMCZH, guess not.  I bought in at 14.193
(A gain of +8.214 since Friday)

WOODSY - I thought WOODSY would top all my other stock picks.  Looks like he closed at 20.650, not quite I suppose.  I bought in at 14.288
(A gain of +6.362 since Friday)

Overall, my pics gained 30.22 since just before the market close on Friday night / Saturday morning.  Over a +10 increase per day!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Friday Picks

Yes, I DO have a few late day pick for Friday, 5/22:

First, SBMCZH (yea, wtf is with that ticker!) I see lots and lots of twitter activity right now, but also a blog and facebook hooked up, so hopefully that will help keep any future price drops at bay for a long time!
(I bought at 15.272)

Next, MIKEL (not just because he has a nice ticker either)  He twitters quite often, but has a blog and facebook hooked up, and posts less frequently on facebook.  He has been gaining pretty well recently too.
(I bought at 14.193)

Finally, WOODSY (interesting ticker).  Perhaps the best for last.  He has twitter, facebook, and a blog.  He seems to have a nice balance of posts between the three, and hopefully it will translate into keeping his gains.
(I bought at 14.288)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Late day picks for Friday!

UPDATE:   Shadax's picks +3.085
Looks like AMYM went a bit stagnant, again.  I saw only a +0.22 increase, assuming you got out at the right time.  After I sold, stock dropped sharply.  EPORT is still looking good now, I saw a +2.471 increase up til now, I'm not telling you when to sell, you can figure that for yourself =)  ES also saw a bit of a drop today, did you get out when the getting was good?  I saw a small +0.394 increase.

Sorry the picks for today are so late in the day, but hopefully you can still get in on some nice finds!  Just remember, tommorrow is the weekend, so by the end of Saturday many people will start dropping like flies!  Here you go:

#AMYM is the first pick,  She is just starting to pick up after going silent til Wed.
( I bought in at 10.53ea)

#EPORT is pick #2 for today.  Relative newcomer with lots of twitter activity make this a good bet.
(I bought in at 11.993ea)

#ES (Electronical Suicide) is the last pick for today.  They have twitter and facebook hooked up, as well as a blog and RSS feed.  They are relatively new, but as soon as we see some blog activity show up, great returns should follow!
(I bought in at 11.840ea)

May the Force be with you!  EAVB_MKPHNVVBPZ